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20 September, 2021

What happens when you listen to yourself?

2 min read
What happens when you listen to yourself? When there isn't any external input happening to my brain via reading, watching or listening to other external inputs. I have a permanently running internal monologue.
13 September, 2021

Touch the keys

1 min read
Earlier in the year I shared the 5 minute timer hack for getting started on a task when activation energy is holding me back. Sometimes, the thought of spending even 5 minutes on something is too overwhelming. When I’m in this place, I find Kourosh Dini’s advice to “touch the keys” really helpful.
09 September, 2021

Loving right now: the Tutorials and CodePens of George Francis

1 min read
George makes seriously high quality, very easy to follow tutorial style posts. My favourites: Crafting Organic Patterns With Voronoi Tessellations and Build a Smooth, Animated Blob Using SVG + JavaScript. He also has a whole bunch cool Pens with a modern visual style.
07 September, 2021

Full-stack? T-Shaped? Comb-Shaped? Developer or Engineer?

work  development
2 min read
Whenever I come across a form field that asks for my occupation or profession, I hesitate before answering.
31 August, 2021

How I keep up with the latest Front-End Development news, without scrolling my life away

1 min read
There are very few things I missed when I quit spending time on Twitter, but one of them was keeping up with the latest news and links from the JavaScript/Front-End world. 
27 August, 2021

Screen time

wellbeing  productivity
2 min read
I watched a lot of TV when I was a kid. I was an early riser, and would wake up before anyone else in my family, head in to the living room and switch on the TV.
25 August, 2021

Loving right now: This Figma template for creating Database ERDs

1 min read
I figured in 2021 there would be some cool, nice looking software that would make it quick and easy for me to put an ERD together. I was wrong.
11 August, 2021

We confuse visibility with competency

work  development  productivity
2 min read
Perhaps there is a bit of a remote hiring boom at the moment, but I have noticed a massive uptick in the amount of solicitations from people wanting to "have a conversation" about hiring me in 2021. Almost always, people find their way to my inbox because they remember me from Twitter.
08 August, 2021

I'm 35 - reflections, plans and wishes

2 min read
I turned 35 on Wednesday. For whatever reason, half-decade birthdays have always felt like a significant milestone to me.
01 August, 2021

Learning how you best learn: some questions to ask yourself

development  productivity
4 min read
I believe that the best thing you can do for your career as a Developer is teach yourself how to learn effectively. Learning is a skill you need to develop, and it was one I actually didn't reach competence in until long after I'd completed my formal education.
26 July, 2021

I completely ignored the front end development scene for 6 months. It was fine

development  work
2 min read
The first year I started coding professionally, most of the work I did was in Adobe Flash. Then Steve Jobs decided to kill Flash and it forced me to learn how to animate with JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML Canvas if I wanted to keep landing contract jobs.
10 July, 2021

How I'm going to try and stop my "revenge bedtime procrastination"

productivity  wellbeing
2 min read
Sometimes I can feel like I am just going from one demand to the next all day long. Then at night when I really should go to bed I stay up an extra 30 minutes to an hour messing around on my phone simply because it is quiet and nobody is bothering me and I can.

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