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You've ended up at the digital home of me! - a beer drinking, makeup tutorial watching, leggings addicted web developer who currently wrangles CSS & JavaScript for CodePen. I dream of a well-animated web in which we are all very nice to each other 💕

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26th July 2016

Pixel Grid

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19th June 2016

Trailing Three.js particle cloud

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12th June 2016

Rainbow champagne with Pixi.js

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3rd June 2016

Spinning morphing icosahedron

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24th February 2016

It Depends

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12th February 2016

Pushing against a tidal wave

There is a theme emerging in the recent content I’m reading from my fellow designers and developers which is hard to put my finger on - but if I had to I would call it dissent with the fact that JavaScript is eating the world.

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