I haven't experienced imposter syndrome, and maybe you haven't either

Added: October 16, 2017


  • Alex Riviere

    November 20, 2021 at 2:20 AM

    Early in my career I met an author of a well known python book. We informally were talking in the hallway track about how he was updating this book and I think he made an off-hand comment of, "Should I really be doing this? I don't really know anything."

    He had already written and published the book. It was popular enough it needed to be updated. But he had a genuine doubt of his skills. It was that moment that made me realize that if he could honestly feel that way, my doubt was probably also unwarranted.

    I've had moments like this, where I had a boss gaslighting me into thinking I wasn't good enough. I'm privileged enough to be able to quickly change jobs and find a better fit where this isn't the case. I absolutely agree with you though, I don't know that I've really had imposter syndrome.

    But I definitely like my anecdote.

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