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Remote work

Added: August 13, 2022

Tags: work

I love remote work. I love that I don’t have a commute. I love that I can live in my coastal town of Australia while working for a company based in the US. I love how I can break my work up in to sections in the day amongst exercise, getting household maintenance done and caretaking for my kids. I love that my husband works remotely, so we get to eat lunch together on work days.

At this time in my life, remote working makes sense. I would not have felt the same way when I was 25 and just starting out in my career. Aside from all the things I learnt via osmosis, from being in the same space as people far more experienced than me - the social aspect of being in an office was a huge part of the appeal. I started out my career in advertising. The fun you had with your workmates made up for the long hours and shitty wages! It is an experience you simply can not recreate over Zoom.

CodePen is a distributed team. If I could wave my wand and have us all living in the same location (or have teleportation exist), my perfect week would be spending 75% of the time working remotely and 25% working with them in person.


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