Another lesson

My baby likes to fiddle with my Apple Watch while they sit on my lap, using my arm for support as they can’t sit up on their own yet. This leads to unintentional workout starting, timer setting, and sometimes getting into the Things Watch app. Yesterday I opened Things to find that my long list of todos had been removed and replaced with a smiley face.

A screenshot of my todo list in Things

On seeing this, I did smile and realise that all the removed items didn’t need to be done yesterday after all. So I breathed out, opened, and spent time being present with my family.

My kids are teaching me lessons constantly. Some lessons take me months to learn, and some I have to learn over and over before they stick. Sometimes there needs to be a lot of ruminating and unpacking before I learn the lesson. And then sometimes the lesson is spelled out for me, as clear as day.

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