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My Ugg Boots

Back in 2004 when it was fashionable to wear Ugg boots and denim mini-skirts I spent many days from Spring to Autumn traipsing around my University campus in my rip-off Uggs (what 17-year-old could afford trademark?). I wore those boots until they disintegrated in 2005, at which point the trend was over so I didn't purchase another pair.

Over 15 years have passed, and I hadn't really thought about a pair of fleece-lined boots since. I was actually on the hunt for a fresh pair of slippers a few weeks ago when a cheap pair of Uggs caught my eye and I bought them on a whim. Within 24 hours of wearing these shoes the sense memory of my first year of University came flooding back. So many details, the most vivid being how much I loved wearing Uggs.

So comfortable with warmth that reaches to your calves, they feel like a permanent cozy hug for your feet. And yet the sole is so sturdy and thick you are safe to carry a bag of rubbish through wet grass to the wheelie bin outside. These shoes are perfect. I was an idiot to ever stop wearing them.

My 19-year-old self gave up the pleasure that is wearing Uggs for the sake of looking cool and current. Fortunately, at 35 I know what is more important and I look forward to wearing my Uggs every winter until the day that I die. When this pair falls apart, I will invest in some legit Australian Uggs for longevity.

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