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Good things: August 2022

Added: September 4, 2022

Tags: miscellany

Side note: I’m having an “off” mental health day today so coming up with this list has been a bit hard. If I had to do it a week ago I probably could have listed 20. Brains are fickle things.

TV: Only Murders In The Building, Season 2

Although I felt like the plot in this season was all over the place compared to season 1, it didn’t matter because I watch for the comedic chemistry between Steve Martin and Martin Short. Also loved that we got to see a bigger cameo from Tina Fey this season. The finale episode was pure joy. I can’t wait until season 3!

YouTube: How to speed up your workflow with Console shortcuts

I’ve been going down a rabbit-hole of how to speed up my development processes lately. Most of it has been training myself to use keyboard shortcuts instead of a mouse. These Chrome dev console tips are definitely going to help me with debugging in the future.

Queensland winter

Usually autumn is my favourite season of the year, but after it rained for all of autumn 2022 I had to wait for winter before we got clear cool days and sunny skies. Summer is brutally hot here and brings insanely high levels of UV, so winter actually has the perfect playground weather.

Walking every day

After our dog died I got out of the habit of getting outside for a walk every day. I’ve been trying my best to make it a daily thing again… rain, hail or shine. It really does make me feel better on a daily basis. Some days it’s a struggle and definitely feels like a stupid walk for my stupid mental health but most of the time I really enjoy it.


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