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Added: July 20, 2022

Tags: miscellany

I remember watching the movie Drive in 2012 and being absolutely obsessed with the song Nightcall by Kavinsky. I listened to that song about 2000 times while I caught the tube to and from work in London.

There is something about modern-music-that-sounds-reminiscent-of-the-80s that seriously lights up the pleasure centres in my brain. I don’t know why that is? I mean I was under 5 years old in the 80s so it’s not like it’s a time I have a lot of memories from. I did listen to a lot of pop music as a child, I was raised on Rage and Video Hits. Maybe it triggers something more unconscious than that. Maybe I just like synths.

Anyway, recently another song came along that inspired extreme repeat-listening in the same way Nightcall did: Lovewave by The 1-800. Only since Lovewave did it occur to me that this genre of modern electronic music that sounds like the 80s might have its own name. So I googled and found it: Synthwave.

Finding out the actual name of this genre has unlocked a whole bunch of amazing spotify playlists to work to. I am having an excellent time.


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