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There are two parts to minimalism

Added: August 18, 2022

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I like the idea of being a minimalist.

There’s lots of different interpretations of the 2010’s minimalism trend. There’s weird stuff like counting how many items are in your closet or your house, or making sure all your belongings fit within a colour palette of 3 colours. I interpret minimalism as being intentional about what you keep in your home, and treating your posessions with respect. I try my best to live this way.

I think there’s two parts to embracing minimalism.

The first is an ability to move on from objects that no longer serve you. To donate, sell, recycle or throw out the stuff you don’t need anymore. I am good at this part, I’ve had a lot of practice. I’ve moved countries and “started again” with my belongings three times. My sister and I had do this with all the belongings in our childhood home after mum died. After that, letting go of random stuff is easy.

The second part is to be extrememly intentional about bringing anything new in to your home or life. This one I definitely still need to work on. I think I’m getting better as the years go on. The older I get, the more I realise that I would rather spend my money on experiences instead of things. I still get caught up by the occasional targeted instagram ad though. They are my minimalism kryptonite.


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