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My parenting/mothering podcast recommendations

Added: September 28, 2021

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A good friend will have twins soon! She asked me for my parenting podcast recommendations. I decided to share the list here as well. 

These are the podcasts I’ve listened to and found useful at some point. Some I binged a bunch of episodes and then stopped when I felt like I’d heard enough. Some I continue to listen to now.

The Mom Hour

Two moms with several kids between them chat about all things mom-ing. I found this one helpful when I had my first young baby and did not know what I was doing. I went in to the back catalog and listened to their baby related episodes. It felt like I had some older mothers reassuring me while I breastfed throughout what felt like all the night and day.

Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

I’ll start with a caveat: Janet is a staunch follower of RIE parenting. As soon as you commit to a parenting method/philosophy, you can fall in to dogma territory, which makes life harder that it needs to be. I don’t agree with the RIE approach to infants/babies but Janet has excellent advice for parenting toddlers and their big feelings. I’ve heard her voice in my head many a time when my toddler was losing their shit and I am on the brink of doing so myself.

Your Parenting Mojo

Jen has a genuine talent for translating the scientific research on parenting in to a format that I can understand. This podcast opened my eyes to the way white supremacy and patriarchy influence our parenting, from the scientific research through to the prevailing culture.

Time To Parent

A super helpful podcast that delves in to how much time you really need to be spending with your kids to be a present and involved parent (spoiler: it’s less than the culture would have you believe).

Best of Both Worlds

Two full-time working mothers talk about what comes up when you are serious about your career, as well as your family life. I found this podcast to be unique, as most other podcasts discussing working motherhood are directed towards run-your-own-business-from-home-boss-babe-mamma types.

Mindful Mama

A podcast that attempts to help with looking after babies/children without completely losing your shit. Promotes mostly respectful parenting practices.

The Double Shift

A story-telling journalism podcast, telling stories about the diverse experiences of mothers in the USA. The first season (pre-covid) is particularly good. 

ON BOYS Podcast

An interview show where people talk about all the challenges of raising boys in a society that simultaneously privileges them, demonises them, and expects them to fit a very narrow definition of masculinity.

3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms

A parenting advice show that lasts for 30 minutes and gives three “takeaways”: suggestions to make family life easier and more enjoyable.

The Lazy Genius Podcast

This isn’t strictly a parenting podcast, but Kendra Adachi (The Lazy Genius) is a mom, so a lot of the podcast topics delve in to mom life. I love her book “The Lazy Genius Way” and her attitudes towards simplifying running a household are helpful for someone like me who can get tripped up by perfectionism and being too extra.

The following podcasts are Australian

Parental as Anything

Beloved Australian parenting expert Maggie Dent covers everything parenting. One thing I love about this podcast is they aren’t afraid to go in to difficult topics such as how to talk to your kids about sex, or death.

Dear Mama Project

This podcast delves in to the subject of “matrescence”: the transition in to motherhood. Such a great podcast for any new mum going through the breakdown-inducing identity shift that happens when you become a mother.

The Good Enough Mother

Sociologist Sophie Brock unpacks all the bullshit around motherhood. This podcast introduced me to the concept of the “perfect mother myth”, and helped me realise I’ve fallen victim to intensive mothering ideology.

Nourishing the Mother

Two mothers with a background in crunchy/conscious parenting discuss deeper themes around parenting. Their language can get esoteric and opinions can border on woo, but I like what a stark contrast they provide to “mainstream” parenting podcasts.

We don’t have time for this

Two best friends trying to balance career and family do a weekly chat about whatever is on their minds. This one is just entertaining and good for a laugh. It is probably my favourite podcast right now.



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