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Little tees

Added: August 31, 2022

Tags: mothering

I generally don’t get sentimental about my kids getting older. If anything I welcome their maturing with enthusiasm. I don’t love the babies-and-toddlers stage of parenting. The older my kids get and the more I get to see their own unique personalities, the more I like spending time with them.

There is one thing that gets me right in the feels though, and that’s packing up little clothes that we no longer need. We have absolutely no desire for a third child so now my toddler’s enormous head has outgrown his size 3 t-shirts it is time to pass them on to a family member.

A small striped t-shirt

Usually, I have no problems with letting go of stuff. I’m not emotionally attached to physical objects. But there’s just something about folding up those little t-shirts for the last time. Maybe it’s simply because they so clearly represent the end of a season… my boys will never be this small again.


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