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Cool things: July 2022

Added: August 5, 2022

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Music: “True” by Solange

I often get on work music jags where I will listen to the same album over and over. This month the most-played album has been True by Solange. I listened to “Losing You” quite a bit in 2012 when it showed up on my Discover playlist. I remembered it recently and decided to give the rest of the album a spin. It’s good.

TV: Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2

WARNING: SPOILERS. In my opinion, Stranger Things Season 4’s pacing was whack and the whole thing went for way too bloody long. I will forgive the Duffer brothers for that though because they delivered on the characters and relationships. Forcing me to sit through 13 hours of the show before I could see Eleven reunite with Hopper made the emotional payoff of that moment even better. I was bawling. What can I say, dead parent stuff always gets to me.

Internet: “Chrissy wake up” on TikTok

Related to the above, I’ve absolutely been loving all the remixes, autotune mashups and covers of the viral song created from clips of Eddie Munson. Some of my favourites: a summer house remix and autotuned in to Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On. Meme song TikTok is my favourite section of TikTok.

App: (Not Boring) Habits

I found this app through Chris’s blog. I’ve used Streaks with relative success in the past and this looks like a more exciting version of the same concept. There really is something to the novelty factor of checking the box. The more exciting the feedback, the higher the dopamine levels. I’m using it to get back to taking a brisk 20+ minute walk every single day: rain hail or shine. That was a previous habit I had dropped after our dog died.


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