How I keep up with the latest Front-End Development news, without scrolling my life away

There are very few things I missed when I quit spending time on Twitter, but one of them was keeping up with the latest news and links from the JavaScript/Front-End world.

Thankfully, I found the answer to staying up to date on the latest without having to scroll my life away: email newsletters.

There are multiple really great newsletters that round up all the posts and library news for the week and create a convenient list for you.

Here's my workflow: I open the email, scan the list, save the links that look interesting to me in my Instapaper, and delete the email. Later, when I have time to read, I go ahead and read the saved articles in Instapaper.

I find this the most efficient way to stay on top of what's happening in the community without having to expose myself to threads of dev thinkbois fighting about who's opinion is more problematic.

Here is a list of the newsletters I am subscribed to at the moment:

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