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Australian slang that I have used with my long-suffering American colleagues

Added: September 9, 2022

Tags: work

Often I’ll say something in a meeting or in Slack and then later realise, people don’t use that phrase in the USA. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of things my CodePen colleagues have probably had to Google at some point.

  • bloke1
  • bugger2
  • carrying on like a pork chop3
  • chuck a sickie4
  • chuck a wobbly5
  • crack the shits6
  • devo7
  • DTs8
  • well fuck me dead9
  • have a crack at it10
  • maccas11
  • nah, yeah12
  • old mate13
  • playing silly buggers14
  • she’ll be right15
  • struggler16
  • sus17
  • that’s cooked18
  • whinger19
  • woop woop20
  • yeah, nah21


  1. a man

  2. a mild swear, like saying “shit” or “damn it”

  3. getting very upset, rant, complain

  4. taking a sick day, whether you’re sick or not

  5. throw a tantrum

  6. get really mad or upset

  7. devastated

  8. dick togs, in the US they are called speedos I think

  9. I’m surprised, amazed, or very confused

  10. give it a try

  11. Mcdonald’s

  12. yes

  13. a person who’s name you don’t know

  14. behaving in an annoying way

  15. it will be okay

  16. someone who struggles to manage basic tasks

  17. suspicious, suspect, shady

  18. that’s really bad, that’s messed up

  19. whiner, complainer

  20. remote location

  21. no


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