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How I added tags to my Astro site

Added: July 17, 2022

Tags: development

I store all my note files in a directory in my Astro project called /notes. In each of those notes, I have a frontmatter property called tags, which is an array of the tags I want tag the note with.

title: How I added tags to my Astro site
slug: how-i-added-tags-to-my-astro-site
added: 2022-07-17 14:28
updated: 2022-07-17 14:28
tags: [development]

Tags on the note page

When I’m rendering out the note page, I can use that frontmatter data to create a list of tags.

export async function getStaticPaths() {
  let posts = await Astro.glob(`../notes/*.md`);
  return posts.map((post) => ({
    params: { slug: post.frontmatter.slug },
    props: { post: post },

const { post } = Astro.props;
const {
  frontmatter: { title, added, updated, tags, excerpt },
} = post;
  <em class="meta-label">Tags:</em>{' '}
  {tags.map((tag) => (<Tag tag={tag} />))}

List of all the tags

To render a list of all the tags, and how many notes are in the tag, I use Astro.glob(../notes/\*.md\) to get all the posts and their frontmatter. I then reduce the array of notes in to an object. The object has each tag as a key, and the posts with that tag as the value.

let posts = await Astro.glob(`../notes/*.md`);
const tagsWithPosts = posts.reduce((allTags, post) => {
  const postTags = post.frontmatter.tags;
  if (postTags) {
    postTags.forEach((tag) => {
      if (!allTags[tag]) {
        allTags[tag] = [];
  return allTags;
}, {});

Then I can render out the tags with their post count in the footer of my pages.

import Tag from './Tag.astro';

const { tags } = Astro.props;
const tagsSorted = tags ? Object.keys(tags).sort() : [];

<ul class="tags">
  {tagsSorted.map(tag =>
    <Tag {tag} number={tags[tag].length} />
a picture of my website tags
This is a screenshot, the real clickable tags are below!

Tag page

Finally, I added a page to my Astro pages/ directory: pages/tag/[tag].astro. I used the tags object from above to get the posts just for the tag, and passed it to the page via props.

export async function getStaticPaths() {
  // using tagsWithPosts object from above
  return Object.keys(tagsWithPosts).map(tag => ({
    params: { tag: tag }, props: { posts: allTags[tag] }

const tagHeader = `${posts.length} post${posts.length === 1 ? '' : 's'
  } tagged with "${tag}"`;
    ({url, frontmatter: { excerpt, slug, title, tags }}) => (
    <NoteListItem {url} {excerpt} {slug} {title} {tags} />

I added snippets here but you can see how it all works together at the GitHub repo.


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