Is TypeScript good?

Added: July 16, 2023


  • Mark

    November 13, 2023 at 9:49 PM

    I also share some of the same thoughts on the topic.

    TypeScript happens to have a few unfortunate drawbacks like no runtime type safety and more often than I care for it has an exceptionally awkward syntax precisely because it sits on top of a language that only knows dynamic typing and some of those gaps can be hard to close.

    I’ve started to branch out of just “compiles to JS” languages a bit now that WASM garbage collection is landing it starts to open up a new set of languages and architecture options.

    For what it’s worth I ended up landing on Dart as my new default language for most things these days and I have to say the difference in a language that was designed to have a proper type system from the ground up and what Typescript is able to deliver is two wildly different experiences.

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