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Added: May 13, 2024


  • triton

    May 14, 2024 at 6:27 AM

    i felt something similar with zettelkasten/atomic notes—every concept and idea i had turned into a note. i could take book notes by just linking to my already existing notes, as if i had already written the book myself. so recently i thought how the fish trap exists because of the fish and deleted close to 2000 of them.

    another thing i remember was from when i started tracking movies with letterboxd. since you can write anything in your reviews, people write these funny quips. the side effect of watching movies is then that you constantly have in the back of your mind "how can i turn what i'm seeing right now into a joke to gather likes". although maybe thinking this has always been the case, now we just post it online.

    all the best

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