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1 year ago, I gave up Twitter

Added: January 2, 2021

Tags: wellbeing productivity

I don’t need to publish another lengthy essay about quitting social media, the internet has enough of those. In bullet points:

  • I used to find Twitter entertaining, but in 2019 it was just making me sad or mad.
  • After listening to Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport, I owned up to the fact that regular Twitter use was costing me far more than it was benefiting me.
  • Just before Jan 1, 2020. I cleared out my following list and removed the app from my phone. Occasionally I would pop on to make a tweet or interact with @CodePen related tweets. After a while, I stopped doing even that.
  • Of 17K followers, almost no one noticed.
  • Life was so, so much better.

What started as a month-long experiment turned in to a year. I’ll now use my Twitter account to share links to my writing or RT CodePen tweets, but I won’t be engaging with anything there. If you would like to connect, feel free to send me an email.


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