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It doesn't seem that passive to me

Added: September 16, 2022

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Who doesn’t love the sound of passive income? Sitting back and doing nothing while letting the money roll in? As someone who’s mostly relied on “active” income1 that sounded like a great idea. I thought I would see what I needed to do to make this passive income happen.

Most of the passive income suggestions I found online are along the lines of creating some kind of content product like an online course, e-book, YouTube videos etc. 🤔.

The reason they call it passive income is because it supposedly happens with “minimal labour to earn or maintain”.

Say I were to choose to create a course and try to use it as a source of passive income. I would have to:

  • come up with the course content
  • film the course
  • build an audience who would actually pay for my course
  • continue to promote the course so I can get ongoing signups
  • provide support via questions and refund requests

That doesn’t sound like “minimal labour” to me. It actually sounds like a lot of work. Work I would enjoy doing way less than my current developer day-job.

I’m calling bullshit on most of these passive income suggestions. Call it a side hustle or change of career to content creation… but it still involves a lot of effort. And you won’t be able to sell it to me as a good idea when I make so much money from a very well paid “active income” job that I love.


  1. I do earn some passive income via dividends on shares via the ETFs I buy each month. Now that’s what I call passive 😴.


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