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06 March, 2021

Loving right now: this VSCode font + theme combo

1 min read
I am the person who will spend 3 hours trying out different themes and fonts in my Editor. After finally choosing a new one, I'll use it for an afternoon before deciding to switch back to the same setup I had before. I like what I like.
21 February, 2021

The Tech setup for this blog - Ghost + Gatsby

1 min read
The best way to procrastinate on writing for your new blog is to deliberate over choosing the tech stack for your new blog.
25 January, 2021

TIL: Resulting

1 min read
Today I was listening to an episode of the Productivityist Podcast, an interview with Annie Duke. Annie talked about a mental model/cognitive bias where people think the result of a decision is an indicator of that decisionโ€™s quality.
19 January, 2021

Don't ask me, I'm a guesser

2 min read
Back in the days when I was making CodePens rather than making CodePen, speaking at conferences and building a Twitter following, I would get many emails from strangers asking me for things.
14 January, 2021

5 years at CodePen: a reflection

7 min read
I have been working for CodePen for 5 years, a long time for a millennial developer to stay in the same job. I thought I would take a minute to reflect on my time with the company.

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