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16 March, 2021

The 5-minute timer hack I use to get almost anything done

2 min read
Transitions are exceptionally hard for me, this is what I do to make myself move.
02 March, 2021

The reason caring for babies and toddlers can be so maddening

productivity  mothering
3 min read
If one more person tells me I need to time block, I'm gonna scream.
08 February, 2021

Strategies for dealing with a catnapping baby (that don’t involve sleep training): Mindset and resetting expectations

mothering  wellbeing  productivity
2 min read
My firstborn spent months in the first year of their life only taking 30 minute naps, while attached to me. After trying every strategy and suggestion to get them to sleep longer or alone, and driving myself to the brink of insanity in doing so, I knew that something had to change.
03 February, 2021

How I implement Atomic Habits

productivity  books
2 min read
I first read Atomic Habits by James Clear in December 2012. I thought it was a good book and had helpful advice. Still, I didn’t really implement it because I wasn’t convinced that little daily habits would really amount to anything impressive.
25 January, 2021

TIL: Resulting

development  work  productivity
1 min read
Today I was listening to an episode of the Productivityist Podcast, an interview with Annie Duke. Annie talked about a mental model/cognitive bias where people think the result of a decision is an indicator of that decision’s quality.
02 January, 2021

1 year ago, I gave up Twitter

wellbeing  productivity
1 min read
I don’t need to publish another lengthy essay about quitting social media, the internet has enough of those. In bullet points:
30 December, 2020

Lessons I learnt with my first baby that I'm bringing to my second

mothering  productivity
3 min read
I am experiencing the postpartum/newborn experience for the second time. Things feel different this time around.

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